The $1.08 billion winning ticket from Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing, sold at a convenience store in Los Angeles, remains unclaimed, making it one of the largest jackpots in the game’s history.

The winning numbers were 7, 13, 10, 24, 11, with the Powerball number being 24.

The fortunate ticket holder has the option to either receive the full prize in installments over 29 years, amounting to $1.08 billion, or a lump-sum payment of $558.1 million, both before taxes, according to Powerball.

This jackpot ranks as the sixth-largest in US lottery history and the third-largest in Powerball history. The world record for the largest Powerball jackpot is the $2.04 billion won in California last year, followed by the $1.586 billion won in 2016.

The winning ticket was sold at Las Palmitas Mini Market in downtown Los Angeles, and the store will receive nearly $1 million as a bonus for selling the lucky ticket. The owners of the store, Angélica Menjívar’s family, were happy about the bonus but have not decided how to spend it yet.

Nabor Herrera, an employee at the store, was initially thought to be the owner but was later clarified as an employee by a lottery spokesperson. Herrera expressed excitement that someone had won and hoped the winner was one of the store’s regular customers. Several customers at the store had bought a considerable number of tickets, including Herrera himself.

In California, Powerball jackpot winners have one year to claim their prizes and an additional 60 days after validation to choose their preferred payout method. Players who did not win the jackpot are advised to check their tickets for the possibility of winning other prizes, ranging from $4 to $2 million, depending on state lottery rules.

It’s worth mentioning that the state’s public school system also benefits from the lottery as nearly $80 million has been raised for public schools from this single game alone.

Before this recent win, there were 38 consecutive drawings without a jackpot winner since April 19, when a ticket in Ohio won $252.6 million.

Despite the long odds of 1 in 292.2 million to win the jackpot, Powerball continues to unite people in dreaming big and supporting good causes through lottery sales.

As for those who didn’t win this time, there’s still hope for the Mega Millions drawing with an estimated annuitized value of $720 million and a cash value of $369.6 million, taking place on Friday.

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